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I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who, well, for quite some time now. I’ve known it since David Tennant was still the current Doctor at that time (I think I was still in 2nd year high school and now I’m in 4th year college. Pretty long time already). And now Doctor Who is getting more and more popular and it doesn’t only getting popular with the show itself, but also with its characters, merchandises and even the fashion it demonstrates.

Cosplay is a well-known activity or to other people, it is a lifestyle already. I see a lot of Doctor Who cosplays over the net and I cannot let myself not try it, especially it just uses simple clothes.

The 11th Doctor sytle is very easy to imitate. He just wears simple brown coat, long sleeves, maroon/blue bowtie and suspenders (usually it matches with the same color and he wears it alternately, depending on the episodes), black pants and boots.

Before I show my raggedy style, I’ll show first the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith portrays the 11th Doctor.



For this time I tried the 11th Doctor style, with his simple blue bowtie, suspenders, black pants and dark brown blazer/jacket. To mix with my own style, instead of wearing boots, I wore a slip-on black checkered Vans.






The dark blazer I’m wearing is not really similar with the 11th Doctor. I just improvised with darker brown blazer.




Without the dark brown jacket. The long sleeves I’m wearing, I think, doesn’t suit me. I don’t like my chest being emphasized. Though it compliments the blue bowtie and suspenders.




A close up picture of myself, emphasizing the blue bowtie and blue suspenders.



The 11th Doctor style is very cute and simple, and it can be worn anytime and anywhere. It’s not really obvious as a cosplay outfit. True blue Whovians can recognize the outfit, though. 🙂