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The Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM) in partnership with the United Architects of the Philippines – Student Auxiliary – University of Santo Tomas (UAPSA-UST) Chapter invites you to join NUMINA: A graphic design and photo-manipulation competition. For this year, the competition theme and title is Borders: Where will your imagination take you?.


For more details, please check out their Facebook like page:

The submission of entries is until NOVEMBER 17, 2012, 12AM!

So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination free!

For more details, just visit their website:

Thank you very much! 😀

(c) Photo courtesy of ACTM



While cleaning out my hard drive, I found this picture. This was originally edited by Jeni (by putting the letters on each picture). With those pictures I stumbled upon, I tried to make it a gif, just for fun.

I miss this band so much.

*PS. Kuya Manny doesn’t have a picture with this. Too bad.

My own Raggedy Style

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who, well, for quite some time now. I’ve known it since David Tennant was still the current Doctor at that time (I think I was still in 2nd year high school and now I’m in 4th year college. Pretty long time already). And now Doctor Who is getting more and more popular and it doesn’t only getting popular with the show itself, but also with its characters, merchandises and even the fashion it demonstrates.

Cosplay is a well-known activity or to other people, it is a lifestyle already. I see a lot of Doctor Who cosplays over the net and I cannot let myself not try it, especially it just uses simple clothes.

The 11th Doctor sytle is very easy to imitate. He just wears simple brown coat, long sleeves, maroon/blue bowtie and suspenders (usually it matches with the same color and he wears it alternately, depending on the episodes), black pants and boots.

Before I show my raggedy style, I’ll show first the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith portrays the 11th Doctor.



For this time I tried the 11th Doctor style, with his simple blue bowtie, suspenders, black pants and dark brown blazer/jacket. To mix with my own style, instead of wearing boots, I wore a slip-on black checkered Vans.






The dark blazer I’m wearing is not really similar with the 11th Doctor. I just improvised with darker brown blazer.




Without the dark brown jacket. The long sleeves I’m wearing, I think, doesn’t suit me. I don’t like my chest being emphasized. Though it compliments the blue bowtie and suspenders.




A close up picture of myself, emphasizing the blue bowtie and blue suspenders.



The 11th Doctor style is very cute and simple, and it can be worn anytime and anywhere. It’s not really obvious as a cosplay outfit. True blue Whovians can recognize the outfit, though. 🙂

It’s Always A Good Time: UAPSA Area B Assembly

Oragon, a Bicolano slang for somebody who is described to be as feisty, determined, unafraid of consequences, fighter and someone who stands up for his principles. These words are to describe what will be the (delegates to) UAPSA Area B Assembly.

The Annual Area Assembly organized by UAPSA (United Architects of the Philippines – Student Auxiliary) for over many years is one of the events where architecture students (especially UAPSA members) have been waiting for every half year. This is the gathering of Architecture students, particularly UAPSA members, with their co-Area universities every October. (depending where their school is located at — so for us UST, we’re located at Area B.) With Area B, we gather with Greater Manila schools (FEU, MLQU, MIT, CSB, etc.,) and Southern Luzon schools (CVSU, BatSU, Bicol State., etc.).

For this year, entitled Oragon, the Area B Assembly was located in Aguirangan Island, Presentacion and Caramoan in Camarines Sur in Bicol for 3-days, 2-nights, from October 25-27, 2012.

UAPSA-UST had 28 delegates for this assembly. Awesome bonding with the chapter delegates.

This assembly was such an adventure.

We tried almost all death defying kinds of transportation in the duration of this event — 10-hour bus ride with the typhoon waiting for us in Bicol and during the course of the ride, we have witnessed 5 road accidents, rough road trip in a jeepney and boat rides (the last boat ride we had was the most scary because it was already dark and we thought the boat is already overloaded thinking that we might sink. :|).

The island hopping with breathtaking sceneries.

Honor Dinner:
Mr. & Ms. UAPSA.
We played with the electric candle lights, and then we got attention with it. :))

Vince, Egbert and I joined the Structural Making Competition. And fortunately, we won the 1st place. Good job team! And of course, thank you! 😀

During the competition.

Our monsterpiece.

Our faces.

We event met our blockmate, Ariel Raquitico, in our stop over in Naga.

Window Chatting with UAPSA-BatSU

This is probably the best adventure in an assembly we had so far.

Until the next assembly & congress! 🙂

Sembreak flicks

Semestral break is one of the seasons where students really look forward to. It is the season of freedom from any school works, aside from clearance day and enrollment.

I really looked forward to Semestral break because I have my hard drive waiting for me to watch all the series I have downloaded while doing plates. 


Series # 1: Doctor Who


The longest running series in the UK, Doctor Who is one awesome series which revolves around someone called “The Doctor” who travels around with his buddy time travel machine called TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). The show tackles diverse themes, time travel, go to different planets and meet and greet different creatures and of course, save the world with his companions (Currently in season 7, Amy and Rory bid goodbye to the Doctor. We’ll watch out for Oswin on the Christmas Special of Doctor Who). Well, The Doctor actually is not a medical doctor, but hypothetically it seems to be somehow like a doctor, who serves as a remedy. This show is where the viewer also feels to run and travel with The Doctor.






Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (current). With Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston as Amy, Rory and River Song respectively.


David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (season 2-4).

Doctor Who is now on Season 7 (remake) and runs in around 45 minutes.


Series # 2: How I Met Your Mother


How I Met Your Mother (aka. HIMYM) is one of American sitcoms very known worldwide. Running from 2005, How I Met Your Mother is about an architect named Ted Mosby narrates his life, in a very detailed way, to his children how he met his wife and his kids mother. His stories revolve around his life, his friends and their lives as a circle and how they tackle each problem and how they turn it all around. Now on its 8th season, viewers worldwide are still eager to know who the “mother” is.




HIMYM casts: Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders and Niel Patrick Harris plays Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin-Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky and the well-known Barney Stinson respectively.

How I Met Your Mother runs in around 20-25 mins.


Series # 3: The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory is another well-known American sitcom centered around 4 geeky scientists, Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, both physicists, Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer who recently flew out of space, and Rajesh Koothrappali, an astrophysicist and 1 hot waitress named Penny, a waitress and  aspiring actress, who lives just across the hall of Leonard’s and Sheldon’s scientists apartment.

The sitcom presents the friendship between the main characters and how they deal with their differences, with the usual characteristics of a geek (how it is being portrayed and defined in the media) — being smart in science and logic, fan of comics, cartoons and sci-fi movies and of course having the hard time to get the ladies, and the character side of Penny where it is technically the opposite of those personalities of the scientists.



The Big Bang Theory main characters: Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard, Kunal Nayyar as Raj.

The season is now on season 6 and runs in around 20-25 mins.


Series # 4: Partners


Partners is a new series (American sitcom) aired just last September 2012. This sitcom is quite unusual comparing to other sitcoms, where in there are 2 best of friends named Joe and Louis, where one is straight (Joe) and one is gay (Louis). Both of them are childhood friends and became partners in their own architectural firm. Joe is engaged to Ali, a businesswoman in a jewelry shop and Louis is in a relationship with a nurse named Wyatt.

The story revolves around the friendship of Joe and Louis and their relationship with their partners. 




Partners main characters: David Krumholtz, Michael Urie, Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh as Joe, Louis, Ali and Wyatt, respectively.

The sitcom is currently in season 1 with 5 episodes. It runs in 20-25 mins.


The Museum for the Mind

Museums are one of the great holders of history and knowledge about the world and the universe circumscribing us. It is the house of detailed timeline about how the world and its inhabitants developed into what they are today; let’s say a very big facebook of the universe. 

One Tuesday morning, I went with my sister, my nephew and her friends to The Mind Museum located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. I was pretty excited, first because it is located in BGC and second, I heard that its architecture was very modern and dazzling. 

The Mind Museum is divided into different areas, pertaining to the important aspects of the universe where some places are classified as Earth, Space, Atoms, etc.

The museum is really intimidating. It caught my attention, definitely because of the layouts, designs and its overall design. This is the museum where art, architecture and modern technology are synthesized.  







It is one of the museums in the country where it is very interactive, since all the information and visuals are interacted with models, sounds, touch screen monitors. There were also parts where you, the visitor, will get the chance to have hands-on science experiment (like with the static electricity which will make your hair stand, leaving your shadows behind the wall, create bubbles, etc.), have mind games, and also express what you think of the museum through a video-computer machine.







Before leaving the museum, there was another area just outside the museum (but still a part of the amenities of The Mind Museum) which is called The Science Park (I forgot the actual name, but it sounds something like this). It is an intellectual playground where you just don’t play, you still learn something from science. Just like an ordinary playground, there are some slides here, but the slides are formed differently, and one slide is formed like a leaf, I think, to give a sense of sliding differently. The most attracting facility in this park is the bubble creator (I just made this naming for the facility). Basically, you pull the string quickly and you are inside the bubble. There’s another one where you just blow or stroke the bubble stick to create bubbles. 



Visit The Mind Museum at:
to find out more about it and also actually visiting the place and have fun with science!

For a break

Just a few days before the due date of our design project, we abuse the time we have to finish it. Early this morning, as early as 4AM, the rain just kept on pouring really hard and what does it mean if it rains so much in Manila? FLOOD. :)) And if it floods, it means, suspension of classes!

So we waited until 5AM for an announcement, and THERE IT GOES! NO MORE CLASSES. 🙂 And with that, we slept immediately.


And I don’t know what’s the sense of this post. :))